SaaS Business Solution Modules
built on a low-code platform.

Your business is constantly changing.
Your software should change with you.

  • Rapid Customization for perfect fit to your business processes
  • The best of custom software + packaged software
  • Your business will never outgrow your Solution Module
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Our Solution Module Approach

The best of both packaged software and custom software

About Us

What we do

We build SaaS Solution Modules on a low-code development platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Our guiding principle is this: Every Customer is going to customize their Solution Modules to precisely fit the unique way they do business.

And they will keep customizing their Solution Modules as their business requirements grow and evolve over time. Our Solution Modules have all been deployed by other customers and they are ready to be customized by you to achieve the perfect fit for your company.

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Why We Do What We Do

80% of typical packaged software features are rarely or never used. This means 20% of the features are what most companies really need. We focus intensely on building this 20% and then expect to add and remove functionality that makes sense for your unique business.

We know that one-size software does not fit all. And we know that your requirements are going to evolve over time. Our 80/20 approach allows us to provide ready-to-use Solution Modules that are able to achieve continuous perfect fit for every customer. Your investment in our software approach ensures that your business requirements will never outgrow your software.

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How We Do What We Do

We build our Solution Modules on our own low-code development platform. This means we can build custom software solutions faster/better/cheaper than traditional methods. For each Solution Module, we focus intensely on the most fundamental and high-value features (the 20%) to give you a head start on your required solution.

We supplement each Solution Module with our Solution Architects who are experts at adding or removing features/functionality at your direction. You simply tell us what you would like to change and we provide you with an estimate of the time and cost required.

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Why Our Approach Matters to You

When you buy software for your business, you want that software to precisely fit the unique way you conduct business. Always. This is not usually the case with most packaged software where you are forced to adapt your business processes to fit their software.

Peace of Mind: With our approach of Solution Modules + Customizations, you will never have to worry about your business requirements outgrowing your software.

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Our Solution Modules are designed to change as your business changes.
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