Our Story

OptimumHQ began as a leading low-code development platform that allowed customers to rapidly create custom business solutions for complex business problems. We focused on small and medium-sized business that were struggling with packaged software and spreadsheets to run their businesses. All were frustrated with their inability to find software solutions to perfectly fit their unique way of conducting business. The promise of a low-code development platform is the ability to deliver custom applications faster, better, and cheaper than traditional approaches.

Then the COVID pandemic gave us the opportunity to quickly build our own custom solution on our low-code platform in response to market demand for Return-to-Work (RTW) automation. In a matter of weeks, we introduced our own RTW solution and experienced 2 years of tremendous success and positive customer feedback. This solution is called Safe Return and is our first Business Solution Module. The success of Safe Return was so significant that we made the strategic decision to complement our low-code platform heritage with more Business Solution Modules. We now call this change to our business model our 'Pandemic Pivot'. You can read more here

We now have 25 Solution Modules covering the entire spectrum of business solutions small and mid-sized companies need, from Project Tracking to ERP to CRM, these Modules represent the advantages of packaged software and custom software because they're built on our low-code platform and are intentionally meant to be customized for 'perfect fit' to any company's work processes.


Simon Chatfield, Founder and CEO

For 20 years, OptimumHQ founder and CEO Simon Chatfield owned a successful software development firm that built custom enterprise software applications for global companies including Apple, ESPN, and American Express. The Chatfield Group also built over 400 custom software systems for small and mid-sized companies with unique business processes. He learned that big and small companies alike faced similar challenges.

Business leaders just want software that truly solves their specific needs, and they don’t want all kinds of extra software they don’t need. Pioneering the concept of dynamic data and company-specific workflows, Simon and his team created a new no-code Adaptive Software Platform to quickly build complex custom solutions without custom code. Thus, OptimumHQ was born. Watch our introduction video to learn more.